Waitt Brands was founded in early 2012 by Dana Bradford, Norm Waitt and John Schuele to acquire consumer brands that represent a clear purpose and compel consumer loyalty through quality product offerings and consistent performance.


Prince: The operating assets of Prince and Viking were acquired out of bankruptcy in 2012. Prince held a clear and compelling global position in the sport of tennis, and Viking held a similar position in the niche sport of platform tennis.


Bobby Jones: HMX Group filed for bankruptcy in 2012 and at that time operated a number of brands that included Bobby Jones. Through an affiliate, Waitt Brands acquired Bobby Jones out of the HMX Group bankruptcy. The Bobby Jones brand held a clear and compelling global position in golf through the history and accomplishments of the brand’s namesake – Bobby Jones. Led by Robert Jones IV, the heirs of Bobby Jones hold a minority interest in the business.


Prince: Unable to satisfactorily turn the Prince business around after acquiring it out of bankruptcy in 2012, the Prince business was sold.


Sunice, a Canadian outerwear brand, was acquired through an affiliate. Sunice holds a clear and compelling position in men’s and women’s snow and rain outerwear.


Bobby Jones expanded its consumer reach with the launch of the brand – Rule 18.